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ZainoStagnoFEActive30lTheCloudbreak thumb

ZainoStagnoFEActive30lTheCloudbreak impermeability test yt preview thumbI bought the Fe Active 30L "The Cloudbreak" waterproof backpack on Amazon in 2019. Due to the low price I was a little bit skeptical about the materials quality.... On the other hend I knew the company was from California and this was enouth to persuade me buying the backpack. I'm using it since two years and now is time to write my opinion. The backpack is very well made, materials are long lasting and the "roll top" locking system is really waterproof (pay attention on the way you close it! You need to refold edges at least three times)! You can see an "on the field" test here. The backpack is 100% impermeable!

I do really like the mesh pockets on both sides of the backpack where you can carry water bottles or wet clothes. I also found very useful the elastic band on the front side of the backpack (You can carry wet clothes and/or towels there). Internally there is a little zip pocket where you can store your wallet and your phone (nothing else will fit in there). In conclusion I can say I ABused a lot the Fe Active 30L "The Cloudbreak" waterproof backpack but it still is in perfect conditions and I guarantee it will maintain perfectly dry all of your stuff!! 

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